When you detox, it cleanses the blood by removing impurities from your liver. Though your body naturally filters the toxins in your body, a detox helps jump start the process so your body can remove impurities properly.

Giving your body a detox is something that should be done at least once a year, others prefer doing it a couple of times a year but it is not necessary. We are on board with the trend, so if you're looking for a natural way to do so, check out these 7 ways to detox.



Smoothies are yummy , delicious, and can be quite filling. Try replacing a meal a day with a detoxifying smoothie. Don't go to extreme with the smoothie because detoxifying is not necessary to do every day. Instead, add detoxifying ingredients to your smoothie.

Incorporate ingredients like kale, green apples, parsley , or bananas. Each of these ingredients have detoxifying factors. Drinking them once a day will help your body feel better by the end of the week. These smoothies may also boost your metabolism!

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As stated before, your body naturally releases toxins. This can be harder for your body to do if your pores are clogged or oily. Help your body make this process easier by dry brushing your skin. There are brushes specifically made for dry brushing that you can find at your local drug store.

Before taking a shower, take the dry brush and rub down your skin in a circular motion. This wil l exfoliate your skin , and open up your pores so that your body can easily release those toxins.


Super Foods

By now, we've convinced you why you should love superfoods . They are packed with vitamins and nutrients that are great for promoting weight loss, and they also help boost your metabolism. The antioxidants and nutrients in superfoods help your body fight off harmful toxins.

They keep the immune system strong, so that your natural detoxing process is more efficient. Try to incorporate super foods in all of your meals to get the benefits. Some of our favorite superfoods include salmon, walnuts, tuna , avocado and much more. Click here to see more superfoods!


Green Tea

We absolutely love green tea! It has so many benefits, and even helps get those hardcore abs you've always dreamt of. Green tea is a great replacement for coffee because it gives you a boost of caffeine while also providing other health benefits such as improving your immune system.

Drinking too much of the wrong caffeine can fill your body with toxins. Avoid this by replacing your drinks with green tea and water.



Drinking water keeps you hydrated, helps with weight loss, quenches your thirst, and makes you feel alive after crushing your fitness resolutions ! It also helps flush out those nasty toxins from your body.

When detoxing, don't just drink a couple cups each day. Bump your water consumption up to two quarts a day so that your body is constantly flushing out toxins.


Consumption of Toxins

A lot of the food we eat are loaded with toxins. This makes your body feel fatigued, bloated , and overall unhealthy. Lowering the consumption of toxins is a great way to kick start a natural detox.

Some of the foods that are loaded with toxins include processed foods, caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco. Lower your consumptions in these areas so that your body is not overwhelmed with toxins. This way if you do choose to drink a detox drink , it will be more effective.



Simply taking the time to take deep breaths is a great way to detox. Exercises such as yoga are great for a detox since they involve so much deep breathing.

Since breathing and yoga also help to ease stress, your body and mind will have time to recharge so that it can perform the detoxifying process.

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