Katie Lavelle

DIY: Hydroponic Garden

Hydroponic gardens are a rising trend. It's the art of growing without soil, which means you ...
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5 Recipes With Fresh Cherries

Even if you don't have a bag of read more

Perfect Side Dishes For All Occasions

It's always fun to try new recipes for dinner parties or BBQ's in your backyard. Che...
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Prevent Hangovers FOREVER!

Whether it’s a night out with your read more

Get Your Shrimp Drunk: Tequila Ceviche

Ceviche is a delicious dish for the summer. It's fresh, healthy, and leaves room for variation. read more

Campfire Crescent Dogs

Nothing says camping like a classic hot dog. But after awhile, hot dogs can get a bit bland, ...
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Off-The-Grill Chicken

Who needs a grill when you can cook deliciously read more

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